Personal Solutions

Whether you have credit card or personal loan debts, liabilities under personal guarantees as a result of your company closing or other debts you cannot pay, there are a range of solutions available to help deal with your situation. Cactus Consulting can advise and assist with these solutions including financial dispute resolution, informal arrangements with creditors, debt agreements, personal insolvency agreements and bankruptcy assistance.

You can find more information about these personal debt solutions at the following links:

What’€s right for you depends on your personal circumstances and the outcome you would like to achieve.

Cactus Consulting can assist your understanding of the above solutions and the option to best help you manage your debts. If you would like to deal with your debts, get in touch.

Further useful information can be located at these sites:

A summary of debt agreements, personal insolvency agreements and bankruptcy:

A government site providing information about the various alternatives: