Tax debts increase due to Covid-19

Tax debts increase due to Covid-19

26 Apr 2021

The ATO has taken virtually no recovery action to collect tax debts since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has led to many businesses simply racking up more debt.

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ATO Fraud

Plutus Payroll Case Study; Significant tax fraud

26 Nov 2019

Plutus Payroll Australia managed to misappropriate approximately $167 million in PAYG tax owed to the ATO. With these funds they lived a lavish lifestyle, buying expensive houses, fast cars and travelling to exotic places. Single Touch Payroll reduces the chances of this type of fraud happening.

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Garnishee Wages ATO Tax DEbt

Garnishee Notices; How the ATO will garnishee your wages

07 Nov 2019

Have you got a personal tax debt you are struggling to pay? This might include a debt for income tax or a debt under a Director Penalty Notice.

If you do, you need to be aware that the ATO can issue a Garnishee Notice to your employer to recover the debt.

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ATO Garnishee Notices – What you need to know

07 Apr 2018

The ability to issue a Garnishee Notice to a tax payer’s bank or employer is just one of the many powers available to the ATO to try and recover debts owed. A Garnishee Notice will ordinarily be issued to a tax payer’s bank for the payment of all (or a set percentage) of funds held… Read more »

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