Success Story: Settling a Mortgage Shortfall Debt with a Mortgage Insurer

24 Oct 2020

Often when people take out a mortgage, their bank asks them to obtain mortgage insurance. But this doesn’t protect the borrower, it protects the bank. When a property is sold and there is a mortgage shortfall, the bank claims on the insurance policy and the insurer then chases the borrower for the mortgage shortfall debt.

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Settling a personal debt

Success Story: Settling a Personal Tax Debt

25 Jun 2020

An accountant we know, recently referred us a client who owed over $230,000 in personal income tax. The accountant had attempted to negotiate a payment arrangement including a reduction of the tax debt. However, negotiations had been unsuccessful. Background information and our engagement We obtained the following general information regarding the client and her tax… Read more »

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Success Story: Settling a mortgage debt

Success Story: Settling a Mortgage Shortfall Debt

10 Jun 2020

We have written in the past about how we have assisted clients settle mortgage shortfall debts, you can view them here and here. We are constantly helping clients settle mortgage shortfalls and this is another example of how we helped. Background Information We were contacted by Tim and Sarah (not their real names) about a debt… Read more »

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