Success Story: Settling a mortgage debt

Success Story: Settling a Mortgage Shortfall Debt

10 Jun 2020

We have written in the past about how we have assisted clients settle mortgage shortfall debts, you can view them here and here. We are constantly helping clients settle mortgage shortfalls and this is another example of how we helped. Background Information We were contacted by Tim and Sarah (not their real names) about a debt… Read more »

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What are the effects of going bankrupt

Going Bankrupt: What are the effects of Bankruptcy?

30 May 2020

The effects of bankruptcy are serious and generally can’t be cancelled if you change your mind. You should get advice before you go bankrupt including on what assets can be sold in bankruptcy and other effects of bankruptcy. We can help you consider your options, so give us a call to discuss your circumstances. In… Read more »

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assets you acquire after your bankruptcy starts?

What happens to assets you acquire after your bankruptcy starts?

29 Apr 2020

If you become bankrupt, your bankruptcy trustee can sell or realise any assets which you own which are divisible property. This includes things like your interest in your house, shares in public companies, your car (if valued over a certain amount) or any significant cash at bank. But often people don’t know that a bankruptcy… Read more »

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