Tax debts increase due to Covid-19

Tax debts increase due to Covid-19

26 Apr 2021

The ATO has taken virtually no recovery action to collect tax debts since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has led to many businesses simply racking up more debt.

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How to Solve Your Company’s Debt Problems

30 Mar 2021

Numerous businesses have unmanageable debt and will have to make difficult decisions.

We at Cactus Consulting can advise you on the available options if your business is in financial difficulty and is finding it hard to keep up with costs and expenses.

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Covid-19: Commercial Rent Relief Negotiations

30 Jun 2020

The Federal Government’s commercial rent relief provides for much needed cash to sustain SME businesses through the current disruption and beyond. For some however, the businesses will not survive even with the minimum relief provided by the Code.

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Success Story: property developer

Success Story: Debt settlement for a failed property developer

15 Apr 2020

Our client’s problem  We were recently referred a property developer client who had two companies which were involved in a failed property development in northern New South Wales. The companies had limited assets and they owed several hundred thousand dollars to creditors.

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